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My hours are very flexible since my business is out of my home. It is to your advantage to call ahead and schedule your time especially if you are traveling to this area of the state. See you soon!

Heirloom Sewing Supplies / Heirloom Sewing Supply

If you are looking for some of the finest Heirloom sewing supplies, then don�t look any further. Delicate Stitches by Sylvia stocks French and English laces, fine Swiss batiste, Swiss embroideries, heirloom sewing thread and much more for all your special heirloom sewing projects. Our French and English laces come in various widths, are insertion and edging laces. These laces are 95% cotton with just a bit of nylon for stability. The Swiss batiste fabrics can be chosen from Nelona, Swiss superfine, or Light Weight batiste. We also carry Swiss dotted Swiss batiste, Japanese Lawn and imported Pima Cotton Satin batiste. You will also find high quality sewing thread for your heirloom projects. Delicate Stitches handles 80 wt. fine sewing thread for all heirloom lace machine sewing and a lovely 50 wt. cotton thread for garment construction. And don�t forget to check out the variety of widths in the Silk Satin ribbon that is usually just the thing to complete the heirloom look! Whether you are stitching up a treasured Christening gown or a special home from the hospital gown, you will find heirloom sewing supplies to meet all your needs here at Delicate Stitches by Sylvia.


Heirloom sewing wouldn't be complete without French and English laces and Swiss Embroideries. Delicate Stitches by Sylvia carries a wide variety of French lace insertions and edgings. Also stocked are some English netting laces, edgings and insertions. Swiss Entreduex, Swiss insertions and Swiss edgings make up a large part of the Lace inventory here at Delicate Stitches by Sylvia. You will also find a lovely selection of cotton tatting lace or cotton Cluney laces. We also handle a small amount of colored lace tape.

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