French Lace Insertions / French Lace Insertion

Delicate Stitches by Sylvia carries top quality laces from France, England and Switzerland. The French laces are French Valencian or Maline varieties. The French lace insertion products come in white, ecru or champagne. The French lace insertions have varied patterns from geometric to floral in design.

French Lace Insertions are a fun and beautiful way to embellish your sewing project. Our French Lace insertion line of products allow for them to be inserted between two sections of fabric for that beautiful look you have been wanting.

Also, see our line of French and English laces.

French Lace

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Ecru & Champagne French Laces White Lace Edgings
Ecru & Champagne French Laces
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White Lace Edgings
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White Lace Insertion