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Whether you sew for yourself or a loved one, you will definitely find what you are looking for here at We have a huge inventory of French and English heirloom laces from the top manufacturers and even some of the lesser known suppliers. You will find a wide variety of white laces along with champagne toned and ecru laces. May of the laces come with matching insertion lace and edging lace, as well as in various widths. There is also a bit of Maline laces, a very delicate lace still made in the old tradition of the past. On the site you will also find Lace Tape, a fine mesh lace that can be used and shaped just like the French or English heirloom laces. Our French and English lace line is made to enhance any article you are sewing whether it be a blanket or maybe even a blouse.

French Lace

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Ecru & Champagne French Laces White Lace Edgings
Ecru & Champagne French Laces
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White Lace Edgings
White Lace Insertion
White Lace Insertion

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