Delicate Stitches by Sylvia
Sylvia Fooshee
1200 Cedar Place
Sand Springs, OK 74063


Delicate Stitches By Sylvia, Fabric Shop, Sand Springs, OK

Hours - By Appointment
Private Instruction Offered

My hours are very flexible since my business is out of my home. It is to your advantage to call ahead and schedule your time especially if you are traveling to this area of the state. See you soon!



Please order fabric in 1/4 yard increments. Use the following chart when placing your order.
1/4 = .25 1/2 = .5 3/4 = .75 1 = 1
Example: 2 and 1/4 yards would be entered as 2.25 under quantity.
Categories | Fabrics | Cottons | Dots 

Product Code: FF-2059

Price: $12.95 Per yard


Product Code: birch-mint

Retail Price: $14.00

SALE PRICE: $5.00  * On Sale *


Product Code: rk-tootal-poplin-lipstick/TT-A269-19706

Mfg/Brand: Tootal Poplin

Price: $12.50 Per yard


Product Code: rk-tootal-poplin red/A269-19703

Mfg/Brand: Tootal Poplin

Price: $12.50 Per yard


Product Code: Tiflawn#17

Mfg/Brand: Spechler-Vogel

Price: $12.95 Per yard


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