Delicate Stitches by Sylvia
Sylvia Fooshee
1200 Cedar Place
Sand Springs, OK 74063


Delicate Stitches By Sylvia, Fabric Shop, Sand Springs, OK

Hours - By Appointment
Private Instruction Offered

My hours are very flexible since my business is out of my home. It is to your advantage to call ahead and schedule your time especially if you are traveling to this area of the state. See you soon!


Custom Kits

Please allow 2-3 weeks for most of the Custom Kits. Sometimes items are subject to a fabric change, if so then you will be contacted ahead of putting together the Kit.

You will find Custom Kits for that special gift or grandchild. The Kits vary with how much sewing is required of the needle artist. There are Ready to Smock bonnets that all you have left is to add the ribbons, to supplies compiled to stitch up a jumper or short all. Custom Ready to Smock is an option, just call us and let us know what you have in mind. Custom Kits are added throughout the year, so check back often for new additions.
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Price: Based on Selection


Product Code: halloween kit

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Product Code: happyjackkit

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Product Code: ladybugkit

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Product Code: rts/bishop

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Product Code: bon/bootkit

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Product Code: smbonkit

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Product Code: bootiekit

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Product Code: Whsmdaygown

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