Delicate Stitches by Sylvia
Sylvia Fooshee
1200 Cedar Place
Sand Springs, OK 74063


Hours - By Appointment
Private Instruction Offered

My hours are very flexible since my business is out of my home. It is to your advantage to call ahead and schedule your time especially if you are traveling to this area of the state. See you soon!



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Product Code: GI-strips

Price: $1.50 Per yard


Product Code: BO-HG27170W

Price: $7.49


Product Code: EM-Xmas ball

Price: $4.00


Product Code: EM-eliz-rose

Price: $4.00


Product Code: EM-fairy

Price: $4.00


Product Code: liberty-bias-tatum

Price: $12.95


Product Code: EM-meredith

Price: $4.00


Product Code: EM-oh-xmas-tree

Price: $4.00


Price: $4.60


Product Code: table runner

Price: $9.00 Per yard


Product Code: BT-E-83W

Price: $6.59 Per yard


Product Code: BT-E-67W

Price: $9.95 Per yard


Price: $1.30


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